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Quote – Start Some Where
Don't spend your time thinking of where to start. Start somewhere. Eventually you'll get on the right path. Sometimes the
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IOS Developer Skill Level
Link To Andre Villanueva IOS Mastery Detailed List     Original IOS Mastery Template
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How To Submit An IOS App
How to Submit an app **Xcode** **Up keep** –Run “Slender” remove unneeded images **Xcode** -Set Organization -Set app
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Setting Up New Xcode Project
Setting Up New Xcode Project Pre Dev: -Add analytics -Setup Glyphish(Icons) -Optimze images with Image optim -Create app architecture -Create
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Business Terms Reference
Burn: Amount of cash ut takes to keep the company running Runway: Months of burn Bootstrapping: Using own money to
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Creating Pitch Deck 
Pitch deck -28pt font -3-4 bullets per pages -Consider the audience getting the information -Don’t get stuck on solution
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Note Taking Tips
Tips: -Create bullet points and fill out information under categories -Write conclusions -Teach others -Review later -list numbers or
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48 Laws of Power Detailed Excerpt
48 Laws of Power Detailed Excerpt
48 LAWS OF POWER: This list was created by Andre Villanueva reading through the book and collecting all highest
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Uber Code FREE RIDE: andref153
andref153 Your first Uber ride is FREE (up to $10) with invite code ‘andref153‘. Enjoy! Download the app:
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